New “Betty the ugly” fight in New York against obsession with social networks

The Mexican actress Elyfer Torres, who personifies the first Betty “millennial” in the series “Betty in New York”, assures Efe that her interpretation of the iconic character is a “challenge” to the “culture obsessed” by social networks and tax stereotypes of beauty.

Torres was excited to star in the new version of the iconic Colombian production “Yo soy Betty la fea”, considered the most successful telenovela in the history of the genre, which will premiere the Hispanic network Telemundo next February.

The actress explained that her Betty is “authentic”, according to the values ​​of her family and the “difficult life she has had”, and a kind of rebel that “challenges stereotypes and the culture obsessed with social networks.
He said that the new Beatriz Aurora Pinzón, an American born in New York of Mexican parents, “represents a challenge in her career.

During the interview, conducted at the Telemundo studios in Miami, Torres explained that his character is strangely not interested in social networks.
“She knows how to have privacy and focuses on being beautiful internally, which is much more difficult than being physically beautiful,” he said.

The series explores the contrast between the very Latin life of their home and American companies. Also the values ​​of the so-called generation of the ‘millennials’, the first to become adults in the 21st century.

“She feels comfortable with herself and when someone feels comfortable with who she is, she does not need to follow any kind of stereotype, and although there are 800 ‘bloggers’ who tell you that beauty is the most beautiful, the most important thing is the head and the study. “, the actress qualified.

He said that Betty has more important things to worry about. “When you are in your situation nobody asks ‘do I buy a lipstick or food?'”.

The 21-year-old actress also said that “Spanglish” is present in the production as a reflection of biculturalism, “of how a Latina moves in daily life in the United States.”
The character of Betty is the first as a protagonist for Torres, who since childhood studied dance and acting in her native country.

Day by day, the actress, who was Miss Mexico City 2017, faces the cameras without a drop of makeup and is not the only thing that changed her appearance.

The war against facial hair has also been abandoned.
“I had to change this little mustache”, which was previously tamed with a laser, he explains laughingly.

In the same way the eyebrows are as they grow naturally and the hairs on the sides of the face, he explained.

“At first it was difficult because of how people saw me.” (They said) “Mira has a mustache, but now it does not cause any conflict, nor do I appear with my face washed because I know that the character requires it and needs it,” he said.
“My body is Betty,” he said, a character who hides his intelligence and financial education behind gestures and childish movements.

“My Betty is an insecure woman, extremely intelligent, very capable, fierce in her work environment, loving, empathetic, tender and loves her family, giving everything for them,” Torres describes.
“She’s going to talk to the ‘latinx’ in their language, with their problems and concerns, it’s authentic and she’s going to make them all fall in love,” Torres said.

The new production is also starring Erik Elías as Don Armando, Sabrina Seara as his girlfriend Marcela and Aaron Díaz as the womanizer Ricardo
The script was supported by Fernando Gaitán, author of the original TV series, premiered in Colombia in 1999 and with more than a dozen different versions in the world. (EFEUSA) .-


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