Netflix raises the price of its subscription plans in the US between 13 and 18%

 The digital content platform Netflix announced today that it has raised the price of its subscription plans in the US. between 13% and 18%, a change that will immediately affect new customers and reach the current users during the next three months.

The basic subscription of Netflix, which allows the reproduction on a single screen with standard quality, will amount to nine dollars (13% more), while the most popular, which allows using two screens at the same time, will be at $ 13 ( 18% more), according to a spokesperson for the company cited in several local media.

The price increase coincides with the strategy of the company based in Los Gatos (California) to use the extra money to develop its content strategy, in the face of competition from the platforms of Disney, HBO, Amazon or the recently announced by the NBC

“We changed the prices from time to time as we continued our investment in the best entertainment and, above all, in improving the Netflix experience for the benefit of our members,” a spokesman told The Wall Street Journal.

In addition to US subscribers, the changes will affect users in some 40 countries in Latin America that Netflix charges in US currency, except in key markets such as Mexico and Brazil.

Although the company has significantly increased its revenues in recent years, the same has not happened with profits, so that investors were aware of a potential price increase.

With this, it is the fourth time that the company raises prices, which remained stable since October 2017.
The company, which is listed with the large technology groups in the Nasdaq composite index, was up by 5.4% on the stock exchange after the news was released. (EFEUSA) .-


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