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Harman integrates Alexa for the first time in her JBL wireless headphones

The manufacturer specializing in audio products Harman, a subsidiary of Samsung, today introduced its latest models of JBL wireless headphones, which integrate for the first time the voice assistant Alexa from Amazon.

Harman thus joined one of the main trends that can be observed these days at CES consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas (Nevada), by which many manufacturers are expanding the offer of voice assistants compatible with their products.

“The microphone is absolutely directional, so it works even in very noisy environments like a street full of traffic, just press the left earpiece and ask the assistant for information such as what time it is or what the latest news is,” explained Efe. Company sources.

The LIVE 500BT headset comes with a mobile application that selects the voice assistant that you want to use, has a battery with 30 hours of autonomy (two hours for a full recharge) and allows you to make and receive calls without having than using your hands

It will be available in stores from March of this year and has a price of $ 149.95 for the basic model and $ 199.95 for the model with noise cancellation.

The firm based in Stamford (Connecticut) also took advantage of their presence at CES to show their Endurance Peak headphones, designed to be worn while playing sports and water resistant, allowing, for example, listening to music while swimming.

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