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Five of the dead in an accident in Florida were children going to Disney

Five of the seven who died Thursday in a multiple accident in north Florida were children driving in a passenger van to Disney theme parks, the state Highway Patrol reported today.

The children were traveling from the state of Louisiana to the nearby city of Orlando when there was a chain-link collision of four vehicles on Florida’s I-75, which caused fuel spillage on the road and a powerful fire.

The other two deaths were the drivers of the two trucks involved in the accident, in which at least eight people were injured, some of extreme severity.

Police officer Patrick Riordan explained at a press conference that one of the trucks and a vehicle collided in one of the northbound lanes of I-75 and later went to the track in the south, where they hit the other large-tonnage vehicle and the van in which the minors were traveling.

When the two trucks collided, 190 liters of fuel were spilled on the road and a fire broke out that burned three of the four vehicles affected in the accident, which occurred in Alachua County, 200 kilometers north of Orlando, a city known for its numerous theme parks.

Several firefighting teams managed to extinguish the fire and the highway was closed in both directions, causing kilometric retentions, although this Friday was already open to traffic. (EFEUSA) .-

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