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Pelosi warns that Democratic majority in the lower house will closely monitor Trump

 The expected upcoming president of the US House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has warned US President Donald Trump that the new Democratic majority in that chamber will closely monitor the president, according to an interview published today by the newspaper. USA Today.

“(Trump) was used to governing with a Republican Congress, with a weak House of Representatives and Senate with him, this will not be the case (from now on): the supervision of Congress to the Government is our responsibility”, warned Pelosi , 78 years old.

The Democrats, who have regained control of the Lower House after the legislative elections, will now have the opportunity to open investigations on the Executive through different committees of that chamber, such as the judicial one.

Pelosi, who will take up his new post today, plans to confront Trump from the lower house on different fronts, from investigating the deaths of immigrant children in US custody. even demand the tax returns of the agent.

Protecting the work of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, responsible for the investigation of the so-called “Russian plot” and widely criticized by Trump, will also be another of the priorities of the new Democratic majority.

However, before beginning to address these issues, Pelosi will try to end the current partial closure of the Administration, which began 13 days ago.

Since last December 22, the Administration entered its third partial closure after the negotiation between Republicans and Democrats in Congress came to a standstill as a result of the Trump requirement that the budget proposal include a batch of more than 5,000 million dollars for the border wall.

This administrative paralysis affects agencies of ten Executive departments, including Transportation and Justice; as well as dozens of national parks, which are usually a major tourist attraction, and about 800,000 federal workers.

Pelosi and other Democratic leaders met yesterday with Trump to present him with a proposal to end the administrative closure without the funds that the president considers necessary for the construction of the wall.

Both the White House and the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, rejected the Democratic idea and Trump again convened another meeting in the White House on Friday with the leaders of both parties.

Pelosi, who became the first woman elected as president of the lower house in 2007, is expected to regain that post today after the Democrats won the majority in that chamber in the November legislative elections. (EFEUSA) .-

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