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The Parade of the Roses pays homage to music as a universal language

The Parade of the Roses of Pasadena (California) took off today the hat before the “universal language” of music and dedicated this popular floral celebration to “The melody of life”.
Louise Deser Siskel, Queen of the Roses of the 130th edition of the biggest New Year’s party in the United States, assured Efe that “music is what really unites us”.

The high school student said that music is at the “center of our memories” and at the “root of family celebrations”.

And to this artistic expression they dedicated a tribute to the 40 floats, 18 equestrian units and 19 musical bands that were part of the Pasadena street parade.
“Music has always been important for my family, we used to gather around a piano singing songs,” Deser Siskel said.

“Music creates the background of our favorite memories and our favorite relationships,” declared the Queen of Roses, who aspires to study molecular biology at the university.
Laura Farber, executive vice president of Tournament of Roses, the organizer of the parade, told Efe that “‘The melody of life’ is a very important title at this time, when this country and the whole world is very divided” .

“It is the universal language,” said the official of Argentine origin, who will take office as the first Latino president of the entity on January 17.

Farber stressed the importance of including “the Latin flavor” in the parade, because their rhythms “make you want to” dance “,” enjoy “and” be happy “.

The “Latin musical touch” today was in charge of the School Band of Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, which, with 156 members, sang hits of the “Puerto Rican” singer Ricky Martin.
Puerto Ricans also paid tribute to the singer Jennifer Lopez with the song “Dance again”.

The Central American musical joy was expressed by the Municipal Band of Acosta, from Costa Rica, with 241 members, who sang folk songs like “Linda Costa Rica”, “Caballito Nicoyano”, “I am tico”, among others.
Farber emphasized that music causes humanity not to think “in differences (_), but in what unites us as human beings” and the union is “The Melody of Life”.

One of the floats, with the title “The rhythm of the heart”, of the organization “Donate Life”, highlighted “the musical diversity and African rhythms”.

On board the float was Jeff Eble, 55, who survives thanks to the heart donated by the Mexican-American Herbert Alberts, who died in a traffic accident in August 2015.

It was up to this 2019 Rose Parade that Genny Alberts, mother of the deceased, and his fiancee, Evelyn Arana, managed to hear “the throbbing of Herbert’s heart in Jeff’s chest”.

“It was a very nice emotion to hear it, because before I also heard it, when we hugged, I always liked to hear the beat of his heart,” he told Efe Genny, 70, about to cry.

Arana told Efe that the remembered Herbert liked to listen to “rock” and dance “salsa” with her.

The 2019 Rose Parade was witnessed today by around 800,000 people across 8 miles on the streets of Pasadena, 44 million viewers in the US. and another 28 million in the world.

The first party of carriages pulled by horses adorned with flowers and other natural materials, more musical bands, was the idea of ​​the Club de Cazadores del Valle, who organized the first edition in 1890. (EFEUSA) .-

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