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Don Omar announces that he has resumed his musical career

Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Don Omar, calling himself “the king” of reggaeton, announced today that he has decided to resume his musical career, since “it is the only thing” that makes him “feel alive”.

“I decided to take everything back, because I can not deny that it is the only thing that makes me feel alive, it no longer has to do with money or fame, but with feeling alive and making those around me enjoy living too,” the artist said in written statements. through the Puerto Rican company Mr. & Mrs. Entertainment.

“The evolution of the living is marked by changing those in life around us, starting with my millions of fans, and for that I have a musical banquet for this next year that I assure you, with God ahead, will mark our lives at all “affirmed William Omar Landrón, true name of the Puerto Rican artist.

Don Omar made these statements after acting at the Cali Fair in Colombia.

“With these statements, Don Omar dispelled any rumor of a possible withdrawal and ensured a new world tour that would begin in mid-June of this next year,” the press release adds.

Don Omar had announced at the end of August of 2017 that he would retire from the stages with the concert tour “Forever King … The Last Tour”, which would include the presentations on December 15, 16 and 17 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot.

However, the urban artist could not offer them due to the passage of Hurricane Maria on the island.

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