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Daughters of a podiatrist say that Trump avoided Vietnam with false medical report

President Donald Trump would have avoided going to the Vietnam War in 1968 thanks to the false report of a family-friendly podiatrist, according to the version of the doctor’s daughters, who died in 2007, the New York Times reported.

According to the testimony of the descendants of Dr. Larry Braunstein, his father told them the story that he had done a favor to the father of the president, Fred Trump, diagnosing his son with spurs on his heels, an ailment on his foot. made ineligible to resort to the warlike conflict.

“I examined it, I do not know,” one of her daughters, Elysa Braunstein, told the newspaper.

Braunstein was in a building owned by the Trump family in the New York borough of Queens and, in exchange for the exemption certificate for the 22-year-old, the doctor would have gained direct access to Fred Trump, so he could approach him any problem on the property and ensure a quick solution.

“If there was something wrong with the building, my father would call and Trump would take care of it immediately, it was the small favor he received,” said the deceased doctor’s daughter.

From October of 1968, Donald Trump would have obtained a qualification 1-And, that prevented him to go to the military service except in cases of national emergency or declaration of war war, which did not happen with the conflict in Vietnam.

This figure was abolished four years later, and Trump was declared permanently incapacitated.
The chiropodist’s daughters assured that, at first, Dr. Braunstein prided himself on having helped a “famous guy” of the New York real estate market but, over the years and seeing the current president take the pages of the pink press, the Ex-Veteran of the Navy during World War II got tired.

The newspaper also asked about this issue another podiatrist who worked with Braunstein, Dr. Alec Hochstein, who, although he does not remember data on the Donald Trump exemption, did mention mentions to the Trump’s good treatment, which included protection against to rent hikes.

Despite his testimony, the family does not keep any kind of medical record of his father’s consultations.

In an interview with the newspaper in the 2016 election campaign, Trump responded that he received “a very solid letter” about the spurs on his heels, which he presented to the officers, although he did not remember the doctor’s name: “We talked about a lot of years, “he said. (EFEUSA) .-

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