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Veteran collects almost 9 million dollars to build border wall

 A veteran of the Iraq War and resident in Florida has collected almost four million dollars in four days to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.

Brian Kolfage, a former member of the US Air Force and that lost three extremities in 2004 during the conflict in Iraq, has managed to gather until Thursday $ 8.9 million of almost 150,000 donors after launching last Sunday on the GoFundMe platform a campaign that seeks to raise $ 1 billion to finance the construction of the wall.

Although the idea began to evaluate it a year ago, he decided to launch it on Sunday before the “inaction” of politicians, as he told the CNN news channel today.

In the text accompanying the campaign on the internet, Kolfage, who is also a motivational speaker, addresses the 63 million who voted for Trump in the 2016 elections and asks for a commitment of $ 80 to build the wall.

The hypothetical result, that is to say if that number of voters gave the 80 dollars, surpasses the 5,000 million dollars that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has asked the Congress for the construction of the wall, and that today they have been approved in the lower chamber.

“Even if we get half, that’s half the wall, we can do this,” says Kolfage, whose initiative is the highest that has been launched on the platform to date, reports CBS News. $ 50,000 in a single donation, which has been anonymous.
Grandson of immigrants, the promoter of the campaign defends legal immigration but US He needs the wall for a national security issue, he said.

“Too many Americans have been killed by illegal aliens and too many illegal immigrants are taking advantage of US taxpayers,” says Kolfage.

This husband and father of a family has launched his initiative on the GoFundMe platform, through a verified account that is dated in Miramar, Florida.
According to CNN, Kolfage was born in Detroit, Michigan, and enlisted in the US Air Force, with which he traveled to Iraq and Kuwait.

In 2004, he was seriously wounded after a mortar fell a few meters away from him, which meant that both his legs and his right hand were amputated, and he became “the most wounded American aviator who survived his wounds”, according to your personal website

Kolfage, who confessed to CNN his surprise at the rapid response, even from nationalized immigrants, said he works with a law firm to ensure that all the money goes to the construction of the wall and promises to return everything if the goal. (EFEUSA) .-

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