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Exaspirant to Georgia Govt faces fraud charges

The Republican candidate for the governor of Georgia Michael Williams, who became famous for touring the state in a “bus deportation”, faces charges of insurance fraud and submit a false police report, reported a local media.

Williams, who ended the Republican race last, was charged this week with making false statements and insurance policy fraud, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC).

He foresaw his defeat in the primary in Georgia last May, the Republican reported a robbery in his office, which allegedly stolen computers and other equipment in the amount of $ 300,000.

The Hall County Attorney General told local media that the politician is negotiating the conditions to surrender.
The Republican candidate for the governorship of Georgia took center stage during the last campaign to tour the state in a bus with polemics anti-immigrant slogans and have threatened to deport himself to the undocumented.

Williams repeated many of the most controversial slogans of President Donald Trump, of whom he declared himself a follower, towards undocumented immigrants and described them as “murderers”, “rapists”, “kidnappers”, “child molesters” and “criminals”.

Follower of President Donald Trump, Williams is a state congressman and, when the legislative period ends next January, will be replaced by the Republican Greg Dolezal. (EFEUSA) .-

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