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Actress Kate del Castillo returns to Mexico after almost three years of absence

The Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, star of the series “The Queen of the South”, returned today to his country a few days after turning three years of forced absence to be related to the Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán whom he interviewed in October 2015.

“I’m nervous and very excited to be here, I get tears of emotion,” were the first words of Castillo, at a press conference on the 51st floor of one of the tallest buildings in Mexico City.

“I come directly from the airport, excited and happy I made this conference to thank you for your support”, added the also interpreter of the series “Ingobernable”, before more than 150 media that attended the conference.

The protagonist of “The Queen of the South” read a statement and was accompanied during the conference by three of her lawyers, who advised her on her answers and have represented her during this “painful” process.

“If I come to Mexico so far, it is because of the distrust that I and my lawyers have of the previous Mexican government (headed by Enrique Peña Nieto) and I hope that the new government (headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador) will do very well,” he said. .

She said that at the time she felt “persecuted” by the authorities of the last administration, who mounted “a mediatic trial” and mentioned “not being interested” in carrying out a film, series or documentary about Guzmán.

“The Mexican State persecuted me and attacked me because of my condition as a woman and public figure and because I was a critic of the government (of Peña Nieto) or because I interviewed the most wanted man in the world or because I showed the authorities that allowed her to escape”, he questioned.

She considered that her condition as a woman put her at a disadvantage and gave way to the violation of her rights.

“If I had been a man this would be another story, we would not be here, it is a violation of my rights as a woman and actress, and it is very sad that in this time we still have to fight women and because we are women we have life twice difficult because of that condition, “he said.

The actress said she sued the Mexican state and expects him to compensate her for the moral damage and her image caused by various accusations and accusations for a figure of approximately 60 million dollars (52.4 million euros).

He recalled that he has not been called to testify in the trial of Chapo Guzmán that is currently taking place in New York for several weeks.
“But if they call me (to testify) I have to go,” Kate said, while one of her lawyers said they do not believe she has “something to contribute” to the trial.

Del Castillo said she was betrayed by the American actor Sean Penn, who apparently was the one who provided information to the authorities in his country to find Guzmán’s whereabouts and his subsequent arrest.

“With Mr. Penn I have not spoken for a long time, but if I had it in front of me if I kicked him in the lower parts,” said Del Castillo smiling, who took advantage of the presence of the media to present a brand of tequila, a business outside the sets and the scenarios. (EFEUSA) .-

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