Trump threatens not to sign any law until he has no resources for a wall

The president, Donald Trump, threatened today not to sign any law until he has a “perfect” border security, after the Senate approved a budget project that seeks to avoid partial closure of the Administration and does not include funds for the wall with Mexico.

“What you are beginning to realize is that I will not sign any of your laws, including infrastructure, unless you have perfect border security – the United States wins!” Trump said on Twitter.
In addition, he accused the Democrats of putting politics above the country.

For its part, the White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, announced that Trump will meet today with members of the House of Representatives and anticipated that at this time the president “does not want to go any further without border security.”
“The president continues to weigh his options,” the spokeswoman added.

On the eve, the Senate gave the green light to a budget project, promoted by the Republicans and agreed with the Democrats, to finance the Administration for seven weeks from midnight on Friday to Saturday, when the current budget items expire.

The House of Representatives is expected to approve the bill this Thursday so Trump can sign it.
At a meeting last week with Democratic leaders in Congress, Trump said he would be “proud” to force an administrative shutdown if the wall is being financed.

With the approval of these accounts, the negotiation to provide funds for the construction of the wall would be postponed until 2019, when the Democrats will take control of the lower house and could block it easily.

Earlier this year, Trump faced two administrative closures due to lack of funds: one in January that lasted three days and the second in February, which lasted only a few hours. (EFEUSA) .-


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