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Mayor San Juan sends emergency personnel to S.Domingo after explosion

The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, sent seven people from the Municipal Emergency Management Office (OMME) to Santo Domingo to help after the emergency that emerged after the explosion on Wednesday in a plastics factory in the Villas Agrícolas sector in the capital of the Dominican Republic as a result of which six people have died.

“To give support in rescue operations and first response, I authorized seven rescue specialists, paramedics and firefighters and a municipal police officer with his dog to rescue people to travel to the Villas Agrícolas sector in Santo Domingo on Thursday afternoon,” he said. a statement.

The rescue personnel “are prepared with the necessary equipment for search, rescue, firefighting and knowledge in medical emergencies,” said the First Executive of San Juan.

Carmen Yulín indicated that “each one of the employees sent are specialists in several areas such as firefighter, paramedic, specialist in collapsed structures, industrial firefighting, search and rescue technician, hazardous materials operational technician, instructor in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, among others “.

The expenses of lodging and passage of the rescuers are paid by the city of Santo Domingo, qualified.
The mayor affirmed that “San Juan owes a debt for the support received during the emergencies due to the passage of hurricanes Irma and María, so during the emergency in North Carolina, two months ago, a kitchen team from San Juan cooked and it served more than 2,000 services for the residents of that city and we will continue to take our helping hand where necessary. “

“The solidarity of the people is demonstrated, when it is most needed.” Several days before Hurricane Maria, I received a call from the mayor of Santo Domingo telling me that maybe we could not communicate in the following days, but that he wanted us to I knew that the city of Santo Domingo would be there for what San Juan needed, it’s up to us to help, that’s what solidarity is about, “concluded the mayor of San Juan.

The explosion, which occurred at the company Polyplas, in Villas Agrícolas, north of the capital, left more than 70 injured, five of whom are in critical condition.

The relatives of workers of the factory have denounced that they have not yet found the whereabouts of their relatives, and that neighbors of the place of the accident believe that there are more deaths. (EFEUSA) .-

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