Mexican artist makes a mural of 3,530 square meters in Miami

Mexican artist Omar Barquet, who is making his most important project in Miami to date, a 3,530-square-meter mural based on a musical piece by French composer, organist and ornithologist Olivier Messiaen, tells Efe that he has always been interested in linking plastic to the sonorous.

“Oiseaux exotiques” (exotic birds) is the work of Messiaen (1908-1992) that inspires this mural, not yet finished, in a huge wall of the luxurious Paraíso real estate complex, which is about to open in a coastal area of ​​the Bay Vizcaína.

Barquet, born 39 years ago in Chetumel, in the Mexican Caribbean, today underlined to Efe that he won a contest to make the mural, which will also have a smaller “brother” of about 1,600 square meters in another wall of the parking area. of the complex, an assignment that arose once he started his current project.

It is about that the two murals, which are linked “not only visually but conceptually”, establish a “dialogue”, as do the exotic birds in Messiaen’s work, which Barquet has “analyzed in depth” and not only the score but also the composer’s description of the birds involved.

The composer of Avignon sought inspiration for his music, as singular as it is complex, in his solid Catholic faith, in exotic rhythms and in the song of the birds.

The second mural of Barquet will be inspired by a work by Claude Debussy (1862-1918), another French composer, and in both will evoke the “memories of having grown up in the Caribbean”, which means, he says, not only sunny days and brightly colored sunsets, but also storms and hurricanes.

The Mexican artist explains to Efe that although he is the author of the mural “Exotic Birds”, the realization is carried out by an art studio in Miami, although he supervises the project’s progress and visits this city at all times to attend details
Although he declares himself an admirer of Jorge González Camarena (1908-1980), Barquet does not consider himself an “heir” of the Mexican muralist school.

About his work, which he defines as interdisciplinary and “very open”, he says he has done painting, of all formats, sculpture, print, performance and collaborations with jewelers, architects and other artists.

“I am very interested in mixing my work with the musical, the sound, what has to do with the reverberation of sound”, underlines Barquet, who affirms that there are people who, observing some of his works, have said that “they sound or vibrate”.

Jorge Pérez, who, in addition to being the owner of The Related Group, the company of the Paraíso complex, is an important art collector and the creator of the Museo Pérez de Arte in Miami, was the buyer of the first work that Barquet sold in this city, he says. the Mexican artist.

The Paraíso complex, which consists of four towers over 40 stories high and 1,400 luxury apartments, has restaurants, swimming pools, gym and all kinds of amenities, as well as an important art collection in the common areas, which will be presented in coincidence with the Art Basel fair, from December 6 to 9.


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