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Facebook withdraws Trump’s anti-immigration announcement as “sensationalist”

jnmvfdnmf \ [poiua social network Facebook announced today that it has decided to withdraw the controversial announcement 0.0. + anti-immigration of the campaign of the Republican Party to consider that its “sensationalist content” transgresses the policies of the company.

In a statement, the company that runs Mark Zuckerberg said that although the video may continue to be shared by users, the social network will not allow it to be paid for broadcasting as was the case until now.

Local media estimated that Republicans spent between $ 28,000 and $ 100,000 to promote the ad on Facebook and that it received between 2.8 and 5 million visits on the platform.

The action of Facebook comes after two of the country’s main television networks, NBC and the conservative Fox News, have made the same decision in the last hours, and that the CNN channel rejected its broadcast from the start.

The announcement was made yesterday by NBC in the middle of a match between the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL) and comes from the campaign of President Donald Trump for the mid-term elections that They are celebrated tomorrow.

It relates to the migrants of the caravan from Central America with a criminal convicted of killing two policemen in 2014, Luis Bracamontes.

“The dangerous illegal criminals like the police killer Luis Bracamontes do not care about our laws,” says the announcement, a summary version of another that Trump himself shared last week on his Twitter account, which also included an accusation against Democrats to allow Bracamontes to enter the country.

The announcement has provoked numerous criticisms, among them that of the actress Debra Messing, protagonist of the series “Will and Grace” produced by NBC, who assured her followers on Twitter to be “ashamed” that her network broadcast “that disgusting racist announcement “

“It’s the antithesis of everything I personally believe in and what, I think, is about our show,” the actress concluded through the social network.

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