Platform Conversations with the Diaspora fixed position on common problems in Latin American countries

En la gráfica, el arquitecto Rodolfo R. Pou durante sus breves palabras en el acto.

The entity chaired by the architect Rodolfo R. Pou held a conference by the journalist Cristal Acevedo, director of the Digital Media Observatory of the Dominican Republic.

Doral, Florida.- The social-community platform called Conversations with the Diaspora, initiated and promoted through the Facebook social network by the renowned Dominican-American intellectual and architect, Rodolfo R. Pou, set out a position on social problems that affect the countries in Latin America, pointing out that for “these particular realities of our nations and in each experience always, there is a solution to be shared.”

“By recently participating in the III Presidential Dialogue where several former Latin American presidents and leaders of the stature of the OAS Secretary General intervened, I understood with their descriptive expositions, experiences and overcome challenges, something that I have been accepting for some time, that The social scourges that we face are not unique to the Dominican Republic. “

Rodolfo R. Pou, made these remarks when referring to the novel platform that is gaining wide boom among Dominicans residing in Florida and other parts of the world and within the framework of the conference dictated by the journalist Cristal Acevedo, director of the Observatory of Digital Media of the Dominican Republic, invited by the entity.

“Most of the particular realities of our nations are common scenarios. The problems of migration are not only our country and the United States. Neither drug trafficking and marginality. In each experience there is a solution to share, “he said, speaking on behalf of the entity that invited the speaker and where he validated the importance of diasporas in every process.

“Our most valuable conceptual leaders, always first were authors, men with international relations, with great and brilliant minds that brought our nations democracy and well-being to our peoples, contributions of their experiences and many of them immigrants, later converted into part of those resilient diasporas, “explained the president of Conversaciones con la Diaspora.

“We welcome the participation of journalist Acevedo in this conference. Very grateful for their acceptance of this invitation by our institution “, concluded Rodolfo R. Pou.

The journalist Cristal Acevedo, director of the Observatory of Digital Media of the Dominican Republic, presents a recognition to the president of Conversations with the Diaspora, Rodolfo R. Pou.

It was held at URBE University in the city of Doral, which was represented by Dr. Juan Tapia, vice president of the entity and who in turn represented Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina, founder and president. Also present were the director of Admissions, Osmi Curiel and Juana Ramírez, director of the Registry, among others.

It was taught masterfully by the director of the Digital Media Observatory, Cristal Acevedo, who made it very clear the importance of digital media in the information process for the diaspora and the contribution that technological advances provide to make these transformations possible.

“Digital Media, Diasporas and Realities”, also constituted an excellent scenario to make a correlation between the impact of the growth of digital media, transformations in the way that Dominicans can access news from the country and relevance between the Diaspora, stay informed about the news happening of your nation.

The educational meeting was also sponsored by the newspaper El Nuevo Herald and the digital newspaper, Diaspora Dominicana. Within this framework, the newspapers El Nuevo Herald and Miami Diario were recognized, “for the support through their information to the diaspora of the Dominican Republic”, who received a beautiful parchment from Cristal Acevedo and Rodolfo R. Pou.

On behalf of El Nuevo Herald, he received the distinction on behalf of the prestigious Spanish media, journalist Abel Fernández, Editor, while for the digital MiamiDiario, the journalist, Adriel Reyes González, also received the scroll. Both executives of these media “thanked Conversations with the Diaspora and the Digital Media Observatory of the Dominican Republic, having taken into consideration their respective media for such valuable recognition.”

The event was conducted masterfully by journalist Rose Mary Santana, former president of the Dominican College of Journalists, CDP, in the Florida branch, which was also represented by its vice president, Jesus Rojas, among other journalists of this union. Before concluding, Cristal Acevedo received from Pou, a fine gift, remembering Oscar de la Renta through a commemorative postmark of the United States Post Office, elegantly framed for the occasion.

They also attended, Venice Mayrant, of the Administration of El Nuevo Herald, Sonia Osorio, president of the Association of Venezuelan Journalists Abroad, Apevex, the Brazilian writer Luciano Nasso and his wife, the diplomat of the Dominican government Damaris Díaz and Rosemary, Sandra and José Fortunato, Enrique Sarubbi from Somos RD, Amada Vargas and Pedro Uranga from Latinos Unidos, the famous artist Edward Mena, the lawyer Lorraine E Pérez among others.

Some of those attending the meeting accompanied by the organizers of the meeting, authorities of Urbe University, including the vice president of the entity, Adriel Reyes González, editor of the Miami Diario, executives of the Nuevo Herald and other personalities.


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