Daddy Yankee will perform with the Puerto Rico Symphony in the Latin AMA’S

The singer of urban music Daddy Yankee will be presented on Thursday 25 before the audience of the Latin AMA’S with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra in an interpretation of the song “Yo contra ti”, whose lyrics seek to raise awareness about cancer, mainly in women .

The singer’s agency reported today through a statement that the artist, directed by maestro Ángel Peña, will perform for the first time live the theme he created for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a leading organization in education on the prevention of breast cancer in the United States and Puerto Rico.

This month of October is dedicated, precisely, to raise awareness about this disease.

The producer and performer will be accompanied by 51 musicians on the platform of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

“Looking to be a motivator ‘Yo Contra Ti’ became one of the most important songs of my career and has become through music in a spiritual and mental medicine,” said the artist.

“Our purpose has always been to inspire and make it a hymn for the warriors who fight in the fight against cancer, which is why this presentation is dedicated to all of them,” said the artist.

“Yo contra ti”, nominated for Latin Grammy as Best Fusion / Urban Interpretation, was the result of the artist’s conversations with five breast cancer patients, as part of a campaign by Susan G. Komen, Port chapter Rico, to call attention to the importance of timely diagnosis, lead a healthy life and support the patients who struggle with the disease.

Daddy Yankee will also be awarded the Icon Award, a special recognition granted to the artist considered a musical hero of the Latin American world and recognized worldwide as a leader of his genre.

Daddy Yankee will perform at the Latin AMAs, which will broadcast live from the Dolby Theater in Hollywood in Los Angeles.

The program will also be broadcast simultaneously on the entertainment cable network in Spanish Universo.

Daddy Yankee is also nominated for six awards this year, including Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, among others.


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