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Salsero boricua Víctor Manuelle in his “best stage” in his 25-year career

The Puerto Rican salsa player Víctor Manuelle, affirms to Efe that he is in the “best stage” of his career, of which he turns 25 years old, for the maturity he has achieved in music and with his family that have made him value things more. .

“I am passing my stage improvement, because maturity is the most important thing and I enjoy things more,” said “Sonero de la juventud”, who on the 27th celebrates his 50th birthday.

The artist indicated that on a musical level, he achieved for his most recent album “25-7” his first collaboration with the Dominican Juan Luis Guerra, and that with his current show tour, “25-7”, “he has excited me more” .

“Sometimes you do things by routine, and doing 60 presentations in a year and the one that keeps me going, gives you another vision in your life and in your career,” said Salsero.

At the moment, the singer has made 43 presentations, so he has 17 to finish the 60 calendar.

Of those 17, it remains to be presented in three cities in Mexico, as well as in others in Ecuador, Argentina and Chile.

The tour, however, has led Víctor Manuel Ruiz to appear in Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and several states of the United States.

On the opportunity to act in Latin American countries, Manuelle, a native of the coastal municipality of Isabela, said that it is largely due to the support of other legendary salsa artists, such as Ismael Rivera, Héctor Lavoe, Cheo Feliciano or Frankie Ruiz.

Likewise, in some of these countries they are honored and venerated by the Puerto Rican salseros with busts and statues, as well as celebrations on their birth dates, he recalled.

On his family life, Manuelle explained that he recognized that his teenage children, Kinaysha Mar, Yanishka Mar and Víctor Manuelle, son, “at some point” or that “will soon come” can turn him into a grandfather, a stage that he admitted he would like to achieve .

“They are super positive things in my career,” he said.

However, a not very positive moment that Manuelle lived this year was the death of his father last January after a fight of more than 11 years with Alzheimer’s disease and that kept him prostrate in bed around four of the little more than the decade with the disease.

The situation, nevertheless, managed that Manuelle became involved more in the cause by the medical condition and would take to that his family was united more.

For this reason, Manuelle will organize for the third year the “Walk # CaminaPorTuHeroe3” on September 30, which will aim to raise funds to help families with limited economic resources and a family member with Alzheimer’s disease.

“It’s my first year without my dad, it’s quite strong, it’s my commitment to keep raising awareness and focused on the family, the family bond is what strengthens us and I think we are now more united,” he said.

According to the artist, the event will take place in the Luis Muñoz Rivera Park in San Juan and will become a family day, since from noon, educational talks will be offered with health professionals and there will be a musical presentation by Willito Salsa. Otero and the participation of Clown Remi.

All these opportunities join the participation of Manuelle in the campaign “Aplauso en clave”, created by the airline JetBlue, in which the salsero appears celebrating with other Puerto Rican musicians and travelers the cultural moment in which Puerto Ricans applaud when it lands. an airplane in San Juan.

“The travelers greeted you, as they normally do when they get on a plane and see an artist, until we suddenly form that rumba in the air, and we explained that we were going to honor the Puerto Ricans when we landed,” Manuelle said.

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