A woman from Florida kills her mother for excluding her from the will

A 53-year-old woman living in Fort Lauderdale, in southeast Florida, was arrested and charged with the death of her 85-year-old mother, whom she allegedly beat after learning that she had been excluded from the estate, media reported today. local.

Gabriela Perero was arrested and charged with the crime of premeditated aggravated murder of Luisa Perero, her mother, who was beaten to death last week when she learned that she had left her entire inheritance to her other brothers, the Sun Sentinel newspaper reported.

Perero pushed his mother, threw her to the ground and twisted her arms and beat her while shouting that she was going to tear her skin by excluding her from the inheritance, according to the police report.

“You destroyed my life and now I am going to destroy yours,” he told his mother, with whom he had lived for some time.

Next, Perero lifted his mother off the floor, cleaned her blood in the bathroom, moved to the bed and called the 911 emergency line.

The mother went into a coma at Broward Health Medical Center and died the following day as a result of a brain hemorrhage and bruises and injuries.

Before his mother died, Perero confessed to the police the reasons why he had beaten his mother and what he did to her, but he said he did not want to cause her death.

Perero remains under arrest without bail.


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