Families of two Parkland victims sue the gun maker

The families of two of the victims of the shooting in a school in Parkland, Florida, today announced that they will sue the company that manufactured the weapon used by the author of the slaughter last February, in which 17 people died, as well as to the store that sold it.

The parents of 14-year-old Jamie Guttenberg and Alex Schacter indicated that they will sue the American Outdoor Brands company, which manufactures the Smith and Wesson semi-automatic rifle that was used by the author of the Feb. 14 massacre, Nikolas Cruz. consider them “accomplices” in the use of weapons.

Parents at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland will also sue the owners of the Tactical Supply store, where the young man bought the gun and closed it after what happened.

A few months before the massacre, the owner of a Florida armory refused to sell a rifle to the perpetrator, but eventually acquired it in this store located in a shopping center in Coral Springs, South Florida.

Fred Guttenberg, father of Jamie, highlighted the “excessive” increase in the manufacture of this type of semiautomatic weapons in recent years. “They knew that putting all these weapons on the street innocent people like my daughter was going to die.”

This lawsuit calls into question a 2001 Florida law that prohibits state and local governments from suing gun makers if their products are used illegally.

This law does not mention lawsuits filed by victims or their relatives as announced today by the Schacter and Guttenberg families.

The father of Jamie Guttenberg affirmed that it is the only industry where there is a “protected” class, something with which they are “convinced” to finish.

“We are going to change history and break this protection, enough is enough,” Guttenberg said of the first such lawsuit in Florida after the Parkland shooting.

“Every minute I imagine my daughter running around the school with an AR-15 on her back … Did she die fast? Did she suffer? This is my burden, everything that comes from now is my obligation to make sure we do something about it.” , sentenced the father of the victim. efe


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