Florida College recriminates students showing caged tiger in dance

The address of Christopher Columbus High School in Miami-Dade County (southeast Florida), today recriminated the exhibition of a tiger caged in a recent gala ball of students, local media reported.

We regret the “decision” to “have live animals in our student gala ball,” David Pugh, director of the aforementioned private Catholic educational center, said in a statement.

This decision, he continues, “in no way reflects the Marian values, the teachings of the Catholic Church or the achievements of our young people and everything that distinguishes our students,” Pugh added.

The dance took place last Friday at the Double Tree hotel of the Hilton chain, very close to the Miami International Airport, and the party exhibited several exotic animals, including a caged tiger.

The anger of many did not wait for the release of the videos through social networks.

In one of the videos we can see a tiger enclosed in a small cage transported by the center of the dance floor, while loud music plays and the lights and flashes jump.

The tiger, the lemur, the two macaques and the fox exhibited at the dance were provided by facilities that have permission from the Florida Commission on Wildlife and Wildlife Conservation (FFWCC).

In a first statement, it was indicated that the tiger exhibited “for a few minutes in a cage”, had not suffered any damage or endangered “or forced to act”, and was accompanied at all times by caregivers.

But Ron Magill, director of the Miami Zoo, maintained that “this tiger did not celebrate anything, nor was he having a party”; On the contrary, the feline suffered stress, picked up the Local 10 News channel.


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