Santos ties 2-2 at home of América and qualifies for the Clausura final

Santos Laguna of Uruguayan coach Dante Siboldi took a two-goal tie at the Águilas del América home today and qualified for the final of the 2018 Clausura Mexican soccer tournament by winning the semifinal series 6-3.

The Uruguayan Jonathan Rodríguez (m.41) and the Mexican Jesus Isijara (m.85) scored for Santos, while the Paraguayan Cecilio Rodríguez (ms 11 and 23) scored for the Águilas of the Mexican strategist Miguel Herrera.

América, forced to win by a landslide after dropping 4-1 in the first leg, went on the attack in search of an early goal. In the 9th minute Domínguez threatened in a free kick and two minutes later, after the Uruguayan Gerardo Alcoba knocked down Henry Martín in the area, he executed well the penalty to put the game 1-0.

Against a rival match, with the defense disconnected, dominated in half court, America was for more; In the 15th minute Domínguez created danger with a shot on the one hand and in the 23rd his compatriot Valdez converted from head in a corner for the 2-0.

At that point, with three quarters of the duel to play, and America was a goal of the final and looked closer to get it than his opponent to discount.

In the 29th Santos gave his first sign of life with a combined play in which the Paraguayan Osvaldo Martinez made the ball and finished on the outside.

In the 41st, Jonathan Rodríguez was left alone in one-on-one with Argentine goalkeeper Agustín Marchesín, took a turn and fired right cross to put the score 2-1 and give oxygen to the visitors.

It was the before and after the game because the goal devastated America and raised Santos who started the second half with the ball on his feet and in 15 minutes he had three clear goals.

In 50 Jonathan Rodriguez put the ball in the post, in 53 the Uruguayan reached the area without a mark and let go the score and in 60 his countryman Brian Lozano took a free kick that the barrier deflected to the crossbar.

The Colombian Andrés Ibargüen entered by the French Jérémy Ménez and in the 65 he arrived at the area in the first play of goal of America in the complementary time, but the ball left.

In minute 85, minutes after entering the court Jesus Isijara came on the right side, received a ball and turned with a crossed right that decided the series to draw 2-2. Five minutes from the end America was four goals away from the classification and was canceled.

Santos will dispute the title against Toluca that won today 4-1 at Tijuana with three goals and an assist from the Colombian Fernando Uribe and another goal from the Argentine Pablo Barrientos, while Luis Chávez discounted by the Xolos.

The first leg of the final will be on Thursday at the home of Santos Laguna and the return on Sunday at the stadium of Toluca. efe


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