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Facebook changes privacy options after Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook social network, which in recent days has been the subject of numerous criticisms for the alleged massive leak of personal data of its users, announced today that it will change the configuration of its initial page in order to facilitate access to privacy options and security.

The new measures introduced by the company, which will be implemented globally over the next few weeks, will allow its users to manage all their privacy preferences from a single access or, even, review and download all the information that the social network has compiled about them.

“All these updates had been in development for some time, but the events of recent days have shown their importance,” the company said in a statement released Wednesday under the title ‘It’s time to make our privacy tools be easy to find. ‘

The company said in the note that all these updates respond to the need to offer greater “transparency”, and rejected that its goal is to “gain new rights to the collection of data or its use.”

The events referred to in the note are the various information published over the last two weeks, in which the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg is accused of having provided information of its users to the Cambridge data analysis company. Analytica

That British company has already recognized that it accessed the data of nearly 50 million users of the social network, with the purpose of developing a computer program aimed at predicting the decisions of voters in order to influence electoral processes.

The scandal has led to various institutions, such as the British Parliament or the US Congress, to ask Zuckerberg to appear to give explanations about what happened, although for the moment the employer, 33, has not accepted these invitations.

The updates released today by the company are added to another battery of measures already announced by Zuckerberg himself a week ago, when he assured that Facebook will investigate all the applications that accessed large amounts of information before 2014 and that it will expand its restrictions on developers to avoid abuse.

At the moment, the popular social network is facing at least four collective lawsuits in the United States of users and shareholders for this controversial data leak, as well as an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission that could result in millions in fines. efe

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