The war in Afghanistan will cost the US 45 billion dollars. this 2018

The Pentagon today estimated that the war in Afghanistan will cost about US $ 45 billion to US taxpayers this 2018.

Undersecretary of Defense for Asia, Randall Schriver, gave the figure in a hearing before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

Of the 45 billion dollars, about 5,000 will go to Afghan security forces, about 13,000 to US troops and most of the rest to “logistical support.”

The United States began the war in Afghanistan 16 and a half years ago and there is no exit date.

In fact, US President Donald Trump celebrated last week that the military presence in Afghanistan is no longer limited by “artificial deadlines” and is now indefinite.

“Our warriors in Afghanistan have new rules, and with their heroic Afghan allies, our military is no longer undermined by artificial deadlines, and we no longer count our plans on our enemies,” Trump said.

The United States now has more than 14,000 troops in Afghanistan, which is almost double the 8,400 that Trump inherited from his predecessor, Barack Obama, when he arrived a year ago at the White House.

They are far away, however, from the 100,000 that were reached between 2010 and 2012. efe


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