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The Patriots arrive and together with the Eagles they star in a discolored “Night of Opening”

The New England Patriots arrived on their brand new private plane to have enough time to accompany the Philadelphia Eagles to participate in the increasingly irrelevant and discolored “Open Night” dedicated to players changing impressions with journalists.

The champions of the American Conferences (AFC) and National (NFC) opened the Super Week in an official way and the best way to sell their product with pure public relations, without any kind of value, because they talk about everything except the aspects important sports that are going to be in play next Sunday.

What has become clear since the Patriots’ spectacular private plane, the “AirKraft”, touched down is that the New England team is the favorite to win the victory with veteran quarterback Tom Brady as leader, who It is usual before traveling, they said goodbye to fans at home.

The Patriots, in a ‘rude’ of their recent successes, are responsible for remembering the amount of trophies Vince Lombardi possessed by placing the image of the coveted trophy in the tail of the plane, where inside the players received the most exclusive service.

Brady, who was also one of the first to descend from the aircraft to greet an ex-partner who also helped him win his first rings: Willie McGinest, then grabbed all the attention in the meeting with journalists.

The appointment of the protagonists of the 52 edition of the Super Bowl with hundreds of journalists who will cover the sporting event occurred in the home arena of the Minnesota Wild of the National Ice Hockey League (NHL).

Unlike the first two editions of Opening Night in the Super Bowls 50, in Santa Clara (California) and 51, in Houston, there was no concert and previous fireworks due to the low temperatures close to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Already center of the enclosure with heating, as not the first to meet with the informants were the players of the Patriots.

“This never goes out of style or bores me,” sold Brady immediately, who participated in the eighth Press Day (Media Day), as it was known before the meeting with journalists, of his career. “It is an honor and motivation to be here and open the week for which we all play.”

However, the environment inside the enclosure was just as “cold” as the low temperatures that were registered outside, and differences from other years, this time, did not have characters with heavy jokes to the players.

As always, Brady was politically correct, as it has always been and as never before in history, before the questions of the journalists, the hundred reporters, and even to say in Spanish a “¡Viva México!” And admit that he liked tequila .

With this panorama, the Night of Opening, in its third edition, went from jokes and eccentricities to the strict control imposed by the National Football League (NFL) and everything focused on good public relations to sell the product of the King sport in the United States to the whole world.

Player Tom Brady (r) of New England Patriots talks with teammate Brandon Bolden (l), Monday, January 29, 2018, during Super Bowl LII Night at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota ( U.S). EFE

Hence, players became more staff of the Public Relations Department of the NFL by having to be “sending” messages to all parts of the world at the request of journalists, who in turn become ambassadors of their countries.

Along with Brady, the other Patriots player that generated the most interest was Houston wide receiver Danny Amendola, key in the victory that his team achieved (24-20) in the AFC final against the Tennessee Titans.

With less prominence, as knowing that they are the losers, and also fewer journalists, the presence of the Eagles in the venue went through more pain than glory, but it was the one that left more emotion and sincerity among the players, given that for many It was the first time they lived the experience.

“You have to enjoy the moment,” said Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, as advice to his teammates, as he is one of six players on the Philadelphia team that has Super Bowl experience. “You never know if you’ll come back.”

Jenkins, who won the Vince Lombardi Trophy with the New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints recognized that it was difficult to reach the title match and hence all the respect he had towards the Patriots, who have made it a custom and have a great experience, with 35 players who participated in the LI of 2017 who won the Atlanta Falcons in Houston (28-34).

However, the players of the Eagles admitted that when they are in the field there will be other factors that also influence when fighting for the win.

For his part, the surprise Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles, who will lead the attack of the Eagles, said the key will be to not get distracted, follow the routines and work as they have done throughout the season.

New England Patriots players greet their arrival, Monday, January 29, 2018, at Super Bowl LII Launch Night, at the Xcel Energy Center, in Saint Paul, Minnesota (United States). EFE

“We know of the class that the rival has, but also of all the potential that exists within our team and that is what we must develop again in the field,” said Foles, who will make his Super Bowl debut, as well as reserve pin.

“We know that we did not go out of favorites, but neither were we when we faced the Falcons and the Vikings and in the end we won.” efe

Vincent Maserrat

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