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#MeToo white roses reign on the red carpet of the Grammys

For the first time in 60 years, the dresses were not the most talked about of the Grammy red carpet and the white roses that the stars wore in support of the #MeToo movement, of rejection of sexual harassment, robbed them of the limelight.

The idea came up improvised a few days ago, when two record industry executives saw the big night of music approaching and there was no plan to support the women who during the last year raised their voices against harassment.

American rapper Cardi B, nominated twice, told reporters that the glass ceiling faced by women is not something exclusive to the record or film industry.

“It’s something that happens everywhere, if you work in a supermarket and want to move up, men will always find a way to keep that position,” said the artist, who wore a white set with angel wings, matching the Rose I was wearing.

Lana del Rey also wore a dress with an angelic aura, signed by Gucci, light and silver colors and a crown of stars that was very applauded in social networks.

Who also drew attention in the networks was the singer Joy Villa, who last year surprised with an outfit in support of Donald Trump and this year she donned a dress against abortion, with a large fetus drawn and the motto “Choose lifetime”.

It surprised the absence on the catwalk of the two artists with more nominations, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar, as well as Lorde, who according to local media did not want to cross the red carpet for his anger with the academy to not have proposed to act at the gala alone, unlike his fellow nominees, all men.

Lady Gaga came to the catwalk with regal attitude, dressed in a black dress Armani endless tail and hair, emulating a delicate swan, and although not lavished with the media itself proudly showed a white rose on the chest.

Camila Cabello was accompanied by her mother and dressed in a tight red dress that played a trick on her, and which she combined with a bag in the shape of a disco ball and a white ring.

Miley Cyrus made it clear that she is no longer the crazy teenager that one day went and exhibited sobriety with a black pantsuit, much more discreet than the eccentric American Gucci that she donned Elton John, with which later would act at the gala.

The brothers Nick and Jon Jonas also did not miss the appointment, although they walked through the red carpet separated, and Cindy Lauper posed with her fist up to vindicate the feminist struggle.

Luis Fonsi crossed the catwalk accompanied by his wife, the Spanish model Águeda López, and was “proud” to have opened the door to other Latin compatriots with his success “Despacito”.

The model Zuleyka Rivera was “anxious” to play alongside Fonsi “Despacito” at the gala and took the opportunity to thank all the “brave women” who have claimed that women are “talented” and do not need to “go further to demonstrate its worth. ”

The Californian group La Santa Cecilia highlighted that before Luís Fonsi and Daddy Yankee broke the tracks, “artists like Gloria Estefan or Carlos Santana have already opened doors many years ago”.

Bomba Estéreo Colombians celebrated the “cross-over” between Anglo-Saxon and Latin music, which they experienced last year doing a tour with the successful Canadian band Arcade Fire.

“We went out partying, we went to bars and DJ sets together”, explained the Colombians, who hope that more artists follow their path because “you learn a lot and it’s a great cultural exchange of ideas and thoughts”.

The Mexican Natalia Lafourcade confessed to being somewhat surprised that an album like his was nominated in the pop category, competing with artists like Shakira or Juanes.

“I would never have thought that an album that is going to make simple music but that has to do with our roots and our folklore is nominated in a category like pop,” said the Mexican, who would like to make a duet with Bruno Mars.

Another of the nominees for the best pop record, the Cuban Alex Cuba, affirmed that now it is time to work so that the American public knows that “there is a lot of Latin music beyond the ‘Despacito'”, an arduous task in which he has been employed since years, recording with his independent production company, Caracol, from Canada. (efe)

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