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Trump accuses the Democrats of provoking the partial closure of the Government

President Donald Trump today accused the Democratic opposition of provoking at the end of Friday the partial closure of the government, just the day that it is one year after his coming to power.

“The Democrats are much more concerned about illegal immigrants than our large Armed Forces or Security on our dangerous southern border, they could easily have reached an agreement, but they decided to play the closure policy,” Trump said in his account. Twitter

“# We need More Republican In18 to end this chaos!” Said the president, creating a label referring to the legislative elections this November.

“This is the First Anniversary of my Presidency and the Democrats wanted to give a nice gift,” Trump snapped wryly.

The president recalled that his party only has a majority of “51 votes” against 49 of the Democrats in the Senate, which did not approve on Friday night the new funds to finance the Administration, for which 60 votes were necessary.

“Therefore, we need to win more Republicans in the 2018 election! We can then be even tougher with the Crime (and the Border), and even better with our Armed Forces & Veterans,” concluded Trump, concluding with his slogan ” USA, first. ”

The Senate did not approve this Friday the new funds needed to finance the Government and thus turned the Trump Executive to a partial and indefinite closure of its activities that came into effect as of last midnight.

The budget proposal presented by the Republicans obtained more votes in favor (50) than against (48), but they were insufficient to approve funds that required the support of 60 senators.

This proposal, which the House of Representatives did pass on Thursday, provided funding to the Government until February 16, thus prolonging the negotiation period between Democrats and Republicans for final budgets.

The Democrats, however, conditioned their support to the accounts that Trump and the Republicans agreed to regularize the nearly 800,000 undocumented youth known as “dreamers” (“dreamers”).

The legal status with which former President Barack Obama endowed these young people expires on March 5, date from which they could be deported.

Although Trump was personally involved in the negotiations with the Democrats to obtain the necessary funds to keep his Government in operation, these did not yield.

With the prospect of an imminent closure of the government, the president canceled his planned trip this Friday to Mar-a-Lago, his luxurious club in Florida, in which he intended to celebrate his first anniversary at the White House with a gala fundraising .

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