“Miss Costa”, a huge white shark with Twitter account “visits” Florida

A huge female shark weighing over 1,600 pounds and 12 feet long that was “marked” by an organization that defends marine life is found in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, at the height of the Floridian city of Tampa, after touring more than 5,600 miles since September 2016.

The Ocearch organization is reporting daily on social networks about the visit to Florida of “Miss Costa”, as he has nicknamed it, to familiarize people with the feared white sharks and raise awareness about the need to preserve marine species.

“Miss Costa”, who has her own Twitter account, was on Tuesday in the Gulf of Mexico at the height of Tampa (southwest Florida), although still far from the coast.

The shark, which Ocearch placed a tracer on September 23, 2016 in waters of Nantucket, Massachusetts, emits a signal or “ping” each time its dorsal fin comes to the surface and that signal is captured by a geolocalizing satellite that provides its coordinates.

“Tampa, do not be afraid of my fin, I’m here just to do my routine,” says one of the “trills” of “Miss Costa”, which owes its name to a brand of sunglasses that is a sponsor of Ocearch.

“Miss Costa” wrote today to her followers that she is thinking of returning to the Florida Keys, where she was before entering the Gulf of Mexico. (efeusa)


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