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A record cold wave ravages the country

The United States has received 2018 with a cold wave in practically the whole country, with the breaking of minimal marks on thermometers that have already claimed several deaths attributed to exposure to dangerous low temperatures.

The frosts have extended in the last dates throughout the national territory because of the extreme temperatures, which have broken records kept for decades.

Arriving below zero in much of the country, the thermometer marks have killed at least three people as a result of these weather conditions in the states of Wisconsin and North Dakota.

A total of 99 years was the record for the lowest temperatures recorded on New Year’s Day in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where mercury was set at 36 degrees below zero on Monday.

More time had passed since the minimum recorded in the state of Nebraska, since we have to go back to 1884 to find the brand now beaten by 26 below zero on December 31 in Omaha, where the weather caused the suspension of the fires for the celebration of the new year, according to the local media.

In the northeast of the state of Nevada, the temperature of the wind currents reached 50 degrees below zero as part of a wave that even arrived in Texas, where it reached snow during the night.

Also in the big cities these conditions were felt, since New York lived one of the coldest end of the year recorded in history and hundreds of people saw the traditional drop of the ball in Times Square with 12 degrees Celsius below zero, far of 17 below zero registered in 1917.

The freeze reached the water in the capital, where on New Year’s Day families could be seen walking on the gigantic pond in front of the Lincoln Memorial in the Mall, Washington’s monumental park, while the surface of the Potomac River keeps frozen.

Several people walk through a snowy street in New York, United States. EFE / Archive

The National Meteorological Service informed through its Twitter social network account that the arctic air mass will bring to the country a “prolonged period” of temperatures “well below normal” and “dangerous cold currents” in the central and eastern part of the country in the next week.

At six o’clock today, the wave continued to hit the country, and in the state of Iowa, temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius below zero during the early morning hours, marks similar to those of the neighboring states of Minnesota and Illinois, have been recorded. and as indicated by the National Meteorological Service.

The institution issued new cold warnings today on practically the entire surface of the country, from south to north from the state of Texas to Canada, and from west to east from Montana to the New England area.

Even though the temperatures are higher in the south and west of the United States, the inclement weather also affected Florida, where an Orlando water park had to close on January 1.

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