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Trump responds to Kim Jong-un that his nuclear button is “bigger and more powerful”

President Donald Trump used social media to respond today to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who said he had access to the nuclear button “all the time” and warned him that he has similar access, but that in his case is “much bigger and more powerful”.

“North Korean leader Kim Jong-un just said that the ‘nuclear button is on his desk all the time.'” Someone in his exhausted and hungry regime can tell him that I also have a nuclear button and that it is much bigger and more powerful than yours, “Trump wrote in his personal Twitter account.

Trump’s statement comes as a reaction to some images issued today in which the North Korean leader shows off having the ability to press the nuclear button at all times.

The threat, however, did not seem to daunt a Trump who, in addition, boasted that, unlike Pyongyang nuclear weapons, the United States “works!”.

This crossing of statements comes on the same day that the United States has announced the possibility of promoting new sanctions against North Korea, even though South Korea has also proposed to Pyongyang to hold a high-level meeting. that would take place next January 9.

This meeting, which has yet to be accepted by Kim Jong-un, would be the first of its kind in more than two years among neighboring countries and would come at a time of special tension on the Korean peninsula due to Pyongyang’s intense arms development.

The ongoing nuclear tests conducted by the Pyongyang regime in recent months have led the United Nations to adopt a series of economic sanctions.

However, from Washington the answer has been more ambiguous, since although the State Department does not hesitate to bet on diplomacy to find a way out of the conflict, from the White House President Trump does not rule out the military route.

Trump says Kim Jong-un’s gesture towards Seoul could be “good news”

The president, Donald Trump, said today that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s assertion that he is open to dialogue with South Korea could be “good news,” although he said he will have to wait and see how the talks unfold. events.

“The sanctions and ‘other’ pressures are starting to have a big impact on North Korea, and soldiers are fleeing dangerously to South Korea,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

“The rocket man wants to talk to South Korea for the first time now, maybe that’s good news, maybe not, we’ll see!” He added, using the nickname with which he usually refers to Kim Jong-un.

The North Korean leader said in his New Year’s speech that he is open to dialogue with the South, so that his country sends a delegation to the Olympic Winter Games of PyeongChang 2018, which will take place in South Korea between 9 and 25 March. February.

The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, wanted to collect today the glove thrown by Kim and asked his cabinet to act imminently “to quickly restore the dialogue between the North and the South” and to make the participation of a delegation a reality. of North Korea in PyeongChang 2018.

Hours later, the South Korean government proposed to the North Korean regime the holding of a high-level meeting on January 9 to facilitate their participation in the Olympic event, which would be the first meeting of this kind in more than two years between neighboring countries.

The meeting, which has not yet been accepted by the north, would come at a time of special tension in the peninsula, due to the repeated arms tests of Pyongyang and the harsh dialectical response of Trump to them.

North Korea last year launched about twenty missiles, including three intercontinental, and made its sixth and most powerful nuclear test to date.

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