They ask for extreme care in neonates and infants during cold season

In the cold season, neonates and infants are more vulnerable to diseases caused by the viruses found in the environment, so care should be taken in this group of the population, explained a specialist.

“Most of the viruses are acquired through the hands of those who have contact with them, so care should be taken to clean the hands of people who are close to babies,” said Raul Villegas Silva, head of the Department of Health. Neonatology of the Children’s Hospital of Mexico Federico Gómez.

The specialist said that children should not be covered with excess clothing and blankets as this does not prevent infections, although he recommended the use of caps, since at that stage of life, the proportion of the baby’s head is greater than the body.

“Covering the head allows to conserve temperature, it is also important to protect nose and mouth with blankets so that your breathing maintains a warm temperature,” said the specialist.

He added that it is advisable to bathe children with warm water and preferably at noon or in the afternoon to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Similarly, Villegas Silva explained that all objects with which the baby has contact as toys, rattles or nipples should be washed with soap and water or disinfected with chlorine towel frequently.

He suggested that mothers and fathers avoid smoking, since there are substances that release cigarette smoke that stick to clothing and are subsequently inhaled by babies, putting their health at risk.

“It is inevitable that children get sick, usually twice a year, but the illness may not last more than four or five days, if the child maintains good nutrition and proper care, it can take up to a year without getting sick” said Villegas.

For this it is also necessary that they receive all vaccines, as they strengthen their organism against diseases such as rotavirus, which causes severe diarrhea and increases its incidence at this time of year.

Finally, he added that specialized attention should be sought from the appearance of the first symptoms that indicate the possibility of an infection, as well as being aware that its temperature is between 36 and 36.5 degrees Celsius.


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