Northern Florida is covered in snow due to low temperatures

Parts of northwest Florida, the so-called “Sunshine State”, were covered this weekend by snowflakes and ice, and even led to the closure of some highways, one of which a woman died in an accident, reported today local media.

Escambia and Santa Rosa counties awoke on Saturday with up to 2 inches (50 millimeters) of snow, according to the digital newspaper, while the official Twitter account of Santa Rosa County published some images of fields and snow-covered roads .

According to the predictions of the National Meteorological Service, in some parts of northwest Florida, temperatures dropped to zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) and produced rain, ice and snow.

The digital newspaper reported that weather conditions took the life of a woman in a traffic accident on a state highway, which had layers of ice and made it slippery.

In Pensacola, near the border with the state of Alabama and where Friday the US president, Donald Trump, offered a rally, some portions of interstate highways had to be closed as a result of ice on the asphalt and only reopened this morning.

The Florida Highway Patrol, which on Saturday asked residents to stay away from roads, has warned drivers to take precautions today and in the next few days, when the cold is still expected in the area.

According to the weather services, low temperatures will continue in Florida at least until Monday.


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