USA abandons the UN pact on the protection of migrants and refugees

The US representative to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, announced that the US decided to withdraw from the UN Global Compact on the protection of migrants and refugees, considering that the migration policy of the country should be “only” of the Americans.

“The United States is proud of its migratory heritage and our lasting moral leadership in supporting migrants and refugees around the world … But our immigration policy decisions must always be made by Americans and only by Americans,” he said. Haley on your Twitter account.

The United States joined the pact in 2016, under the mandate of former President Barack Obama (2009-2017), by signing the New York Declaration on migration.

However, the current president, Donald Trump, believes that “numerous points” in this document “are contrary” to the policies on migration and refugees, the US mission to the UN said in a statement.

For this reason President Trump, says the statement, “has decided” to withdraw from an agreement with which it was hoped to reach a unanimous consensus in the international body next year.

The secretary of the Department of State, Rex Tillerson, today backed the measure announced by the United States Mission in the UN, noting that the first obligation of a sovereign state is “to ensure that migration is safe, orderly and legal.”

“We simply can not support in good faith a process that undermines the right of United States sovereignty to strengthen our immigration laws and ensure the security of our borders,” Tillerson said in an official statement.

The border control has been marked in red on the agenda of the current president since the election campaign and since occupying the White House has tried on three occasions to implement a migratory veto, whose first version was proclaimed on January 27.

After a great chaos in the airports and numerous judicial setbacks, Trump proclaimed in March its second initiative against refugees and countries of Muslim majority, that entered into force in March and that was replaced by a third veto, proclaimed in September and that restricts the entry of citizens of North Korea and officials of Venezuela.


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