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Honda and Ford increase their sales in the US at the expense of Toyota, FCA and GM

Auto companies Honda and Ford increased their sales in the United States in November at the expense of other groups such as Toyota, Fiat Chrysler (FCA), General Motors (GM) or Volkswagen, which suffered setbacks.

According to figures released by the manufacturer, Honda sold 120,440 vehicles in the country last month, which represents an increase of 8.2% compared to 111,308 in the same month of 2016.

So far this year, the Honda Group (Honda and Acura) have sold 1,492,112 vehicles in the United States, compared to 1,477,465 in the first eleven months of 2016, or 1% more.

The Ford Group also announced that its sales in the United States increased by 6.7% in November and stood at 210,771 vehicles.

The manufacturer explained that sales to individuals increased by 1.3%, reaching 157,064 vehicles, while sales to fleets grew by 25% to add 54,707.

Ford reversed the trend of other manufacturers to reduce fleet sales, which offer less profitability than sales to individuals.

By brand, Ford delivered 201,862 vehicles, with an increase of 7.3%, but Lincoln, the luxury brand of the group, lost 5.5% of its clientele with the sale of 8,909 units.

Sales of the Toyota group, meanwhile, fell by 3% last month and stood at 191,617 units, which already accumulates 2,211,530 vehicles in the United States so far this year, representing 0.2 % more than in 2016.

The Japanese group said in a statement that the Toyota division sold 164,499 vehicles in November, 2.4% less than a year ago; while its luxury brand, Lexus, delivered 27,118 cars, with a 6.7% drop.

Toyota’s sales in November reflected the transfer of sedans consumers to SUV SUVs and SUVs, as the former dropped by 10.1% to 76,916 units and the latter increased by 2.3% in November, to 114.701 vehicles.

Likewise, General Motors (GM) suffered a sales loss of 2.9% in November, when it decreased to 245,387 units.

According to figures released today by the manufacturer, in the first eleven months of the year GM sold 2,693,702 vehicles, 1.1% less than in the same period of 2016.

In that time, in addition, its sales to individuals have decreased by 1.2% to 2,169,970 vehicles.

The company explained that all of its brands lost customers in November, with the delivery by Chevrolet, its most popular brand, of 167,777 vehicles, 1.1% less than a year ago.

Meanwhile, GMC, specializing in SUVs and SUVs, sold 46,277 vehicles, 5.8% less than last year; Buick, the high end of the firm, lost 3%, with the delivery of 17,974 vehicles, while Cadillac, the luxury brand of GM, suffered losses of 12.8% when selling 13,359 vehicles.

Finally, the Volkswagen group (VW) suffered a drop in sales of 1.6% in November, to be reduced to 29,207 units.

With this, however, between January and November VW has sold 309,395 vehicles, 8.29% more than in 2016.

The company said in a statement that the addition of more SUVs to its range in the United States is allowing it to improve its sales in the country, which in the last two years have been affected by the diesel engine trick scandal.

The German manufacturer said that in November 42% of its sales were SUV SUVs.

The sales in November of the new big SUV SUVs of VW, the Atlas, stood at 5,154 units, while those of the smallest Tiguan 2018 totaled 5,221 vehicles.

The classic sedans of the German company experienced sharp setbacks in November.

Sales of the family of Golf vehicles fell 34.1% and fell to 4,276 units. Jetta dropped to 8,362 units, 18.1% less than in 2016. And deliveries of the Beetle decreased to 1,066 units, down 24%.

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