Fever and chills may be signs of HIV: specialist

Suffering from high fever and chills may be the first signs of HIV infection after having a risky practice, warned today the specialist Ernesto Echeagaray Guerrero.

“You can see an inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and groin, which disappears in a few days, which prevents the patient from seeking medical attention,” explained the head of infectology at the Specialties Hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Jalisco

He explained that if after the infection the person feels better and forgets the matter, “in case of continuing with his sexual practices he can infect his partner and continue the chain”.

Therefore, on World AIDS Day the expert recommended to all those who have sexual risk to pay attention to symptoms such as fever, chills and swollen glands.

“Do not let it go, you have to go to the doctor’s office and express, with sincerity, the reasons for suspicion so that the necessary screening tests are carried out and, in case of giving a positive result, begin with the appropriate treatment ”

Echeagaray indicated that between 10 and 20 new HIV / AIDS cases arrive each month at a second-level hospital, many of them in advanced stages in which it may take years to restore the balance of the immune system.

“The earlier the medication starts, the faster the person will achieve a better quality of life,” he concluded.


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