Kate del Castillo will premiere the cabaret “I’m OKate”, based on her own life

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo will premiere in December the cabaret “I’m OKate” based on her own life, which aims to show the human being behind the celebrity, his publicist said in a statement.

The premiere of the play, performed in Spanish, will take place on December 10 at the Warnors Theater in Fresno, California, and there will be a second performance on the 16th at the Fox Theater in Riverside, California.

“This show is a catharsis for me where I make fun of myself, of my situation during these two years,” said the actress in the press release. “It’s about redeeming myself and enjoying the side of my best friends,” he added.

Del Castillo, who is accompanied on this adventure by her inseparable colleagues Roxana Castellanos and Shaula Vega, embarks here on a journey through her life, from her birth, through her childhood (remembering her first love, her first disappointment … ) until his controversial meeting with drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

In addition, he will also play his love affair with actor Sean Penn.

The actress is aware that her life has always been followed closely by the cameras, but she believes that people do not really know her, she says in the statement.

For this reason, the interpreter promises that in the cabaret she will talk openly about her sexuality, her experience with domestic violence and her greatest fears, but always with a touch of humor.

The show, directed by Bruno Bichir, was written especially for the actress by Ana Francis Mor and Nora Huerta, members of the group of artists “Las Reinas Chulas”.

“Las Reinas Chulas”, composed by Marisol Gasé, Cecilia Sortes, Mor y Huerta, is a Mexican cabaret company dedicated to enhancing respect for women’s rights, using satire, farce and music to make social criticism.


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