United States culminates several days of consumer fever with the “cyber Monday”

The United States is experiencing another “cyber Monday”, the date on which online stores take advantage of the latest spate of consumerist fever around Thanksgiving and this year it is estimated that sales records will be broken, above 6.6 billion dollars. Dollars.

According to Adobe Digital Insights, which analyzes online transactions of the 100 largest web retailers in the US, last “Black Friday” online sales increased by 16.9% compared to 2016 and reached an amount never seen before: 5.030 millions of dollars.

Precisely that same increase, of 16.9%, had been achieved this Monday already at 10.00 am ET, when the buyers had spent 840 million dollars in this new batch of offers focused on digital commerce, which each year displaces a little more traditional

Adobe estimates that by the end of the day, sales will exceed 6.6 billion dollars, more than 16% compared to 2016, with which the “Cyber ​​Monday” of 2017 would reach a milestone: become the day of greatest sales in the history of the country.

The e-commerce giant Amazon, whose tentacles reach sectors as diverse as fresh food, fashion or electronics, is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this long “weekend” marked by Thursday of Thanksgiving, the ” Black Friday “, the” Saturday of the small business “and the” cyber Monday “.

Amazon shares, which are quoted at almost $ 1,200, have seen increases throughout these days, something that contrasts with the decreasing numbers of buyers who go in person to supermarkets such as Macy’s, specializing in fashion, or Wal-Mart, who also sells household or electronic items.

Far away are those shocking images of a few years ago in which hordes of buyers anxiously waited at the doors of stores to “fight” for the discounted products.

“I think that world is gone,” Wal-Mart CEO Greg Foran told The Wall Street Journal, referring to the “chaos” of “Black Friday” that could be experienced about ten years ago.

Some of the retail chains “of always” resisted to succumb totally to the electronic commerce these days and faced the low prices of Amazon distributing their discounts between the physical store and the catalog “online”.

As a result, the avalanche of people and orders splashed the profiles on the social networks of Wal-Mart, Target or Macy’s with complaints from buyers who had decided to go to their stores and saw products as desired as the iPhone exhausted or faced problems at the time. to go to the cash register.

While on Friday there was more chance of discovering “bargains” in electronics items, such as tablets or televisions, for this Monday, which gravitates around screens and clicks, Adobe indicated that the best discounts will be found in toys.

In anticipation of this and in an attempt to deal with Amazon, Wal-Mart has added millions of products to its website in the last year and in the face of this edition of the consumer party, has the most purchased toys in its catalog , according to the New York newspaper.

Between the firms that better “cyber Monday” were having in bag today they were counted several fashionable, like American Eagle Outfitters, Dillard’s or Gap, that raised until a 10%, whereas by against, they lowered justly Wal-Mart, Target and Macy’s, the latter up to 1.6%.

The drop in Macy’s may be due to the outrage it caused among buyers after the failures suffered in its credit card system on Friday, although its titles have long been resenting the new forms of consumption and have lost more than 42 % of its value so far this year.

The convenience of comparing prices on the internet on your mobile phone or tablet – whose web traffic is expected to exceed that of computers for the first time – will be an incentive this Monday for many, who may be able to get those items at unbeatable prices that they did not find the days before.


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