Trump will not campaign next to Senate candidate accused of sexual harassment

President Donald Trump does not plan to campaign with Roy Moore, a Republican candidate for the Alabama Senate who has been accused of sexually abusing several teenagers about four decades ago, the White House said today.

Trump has avoided asking for Moore’s resignation, as Republican leaders have done in the Senate, and has repeatedly lashed out against Doug Jones, the Democratic opponent of that controversial candidate in the special elections scheduled for December 12 in Alabama.

Despite this tacit support, the president “has no planned trip to Alabama” to campaign for Moore, and “your agenda does not allow” to fit that activity before the legislative elections, said the White House spokesman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, at her daily press conference.

Last week, the president had told reporters he would soon reveal if he planned to travel to Alabama, where polls show a tight race between Moore and Jones despite the traditionally conservative nature of the state.

This weekend, Trump increased his criticism of Jones, by assuring on Twitter that the “last” that Alabama and the Senate needs is a victory for the Democratic candidate, who is “WEAK in crime, WEAK on the border, bad for the Army “and the” Second Amendment “, which guarantees the right to bear arms.
“Jones would be a disaster!” Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

The president also recalled that, during the Republican primary elections in Alabama in September, he did not endorse Moore, but Luther Strange, the preferred candidate for the party apparatus, but “that was not enough”, and now “you can not allow “the democrats” to win these elections. “

Moore, a former judge of 70 years, is aligned with the so-called “alternative right” that seeks to revolutionize the Republican Party, and has denied categorically the accusations against him made by eight women, including several who were between 14 and 18 years old when The events occurred, in the 1970s.

Trump, who during the 2016 election campaign was also accused by several women of having stepped up with them, appeared to defend Moore last week, claiming that the candidate had “repeatedly denied” the accusations against him.

Several Republican senators have warned that they could vote to expel Moore from the Senate in case he wins the election.


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