The arrival of tourists to the Dominican Republic increases by 3.9 percent between January and October

The arrival of tourists to the Dominican Republic increased 3.9% between January and October of this year, according to data from the Central Bank (BCRD).

In this period, the country received 4,457,828 foreigners, for a growth of 4.5%, while the arrival of Dominicans not resident in the country reached 649,324, which represented a fall of 0.3% with respect to it. 2016 period, according to a BCRD report published on its website.

According to the issuing entity, the total arrival of passengers by air, including residents and non-residents, reached in the first ten months of the year the figure of 5,642,409 passengers, for an increase of 4.3% in relation to the same period of the year. last year.

56.7% of passengers arrived from North America, followed by Europe with 25.4%, South America with 12.7%, Central America and the Caribbean with 4.8% and Asia and the rest of the world 0.4%.


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