New “black Friday” in the US, but each year losing its original profile more

The United States once again reached the consumption fever of “Black Friday”, a custom that extends for several decades but, as time goes by and customs change, it loses enthusiasm and the original profile.

The big shopping centers awoke today with the traditional lines of people waiting for the opening of the stores to take advantage of the sales, although some, like the Macy’s chain, decided to get ahead on Thursday afternoon.

The figures on sales volume are not expected to be known before next week, because commercial chains tend to drag the results of the weekend and “cyber Monday”, but it is believed that the data will be better than in 2016.

According to calculations of the National Federation of Retail Trade, in the most intense period for purchases throughout the year, in November and December, there will be an increase of 4% compared to sales last year, up to 682,000 million dollars.

Only this Thursday, when the offers started, Internet sales grew by 18% to 2,870 million dollars, and until today, this “black Friday” rose by 18% to 640 million dollars.

The “black friday”, or “black friday”, began with that name in the mid-seventies in the United States, a custom that has been exported to other countries, in many cases also with the name in English.

But the change in customs that is taking place among American consumers, who are betting more every day on internet sales, and the new commercial strategies of the big chains are playing down the importance of the date.

These strategies include the dispersion of commercial promotions between the dates before and after the “Black Friday”, a consumer party that also gets more confused every day with the “cyber Monday” that will be next week.

“We have been accessing offers with the name of ‘black Friday’ for two weeks,” analyst Brian Nagel of Oppenheimer told CNBC.

But the most radical change is due to the fact that the big commercial chains are betting more and more on Internet sales, trying to steal the land from the giant Amazon, and this signature, in turn, makes people go less the physical stores.

And this points to “cyber Monday,” a custom that arose in the United States when, after the holidays on Thanksgiving and the following weekend, the Americans returned to the office and went shopping online.

But today, with access to the internet and mobile devices so widespread, “we are continuously connected, we buy at any time,” says analyst of the firm Pro4ma Liz Dunn.

In fact, although the tradition continues to be crowded before the physical stores to take advantage of the rebates of this day, Amazon joined this year also to “black Friday”, with its own offers, especially the technological products that makes that brand.

In the long run, according to Dunn, the “black Friday” is becoming a habit that is focusing on the younger, but not so much to pounce on the offers, but as a social act of fun in the shopping centers.

The date is used for all types of offers, which are not necessarily linked to the purchase of a product.

The state of New York, for example, today launched a promotion to allow free entry to their natural parks, and forget a little consumer fever. Advantages include free parking at Niagara Falls.

“On this year’s ‘Black Friday’ I call on New Yorkers to come out and take advantage of our natural parks,” said state Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The “black Friday”, although in the end does not provide as many benefits as it is calculated, at the moment it has been profitable in the New York parquet.

Today, Macy’s finished the Wall Street session with an advance of 2.13%. But the electronic commerce giant Amazon, which rose 2.58% on Friday, also benefited.

And if it comes to benefits by this date, the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, yes can be happy, because thanks to this advancement of Amazon has been temporarily placed as the richest person in the world, with a fortune of about 100,000 million of dollars.


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