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Latino is arrested for falsifying up to a thousand credit cards a day

Federal agents arrested a Hispanic resident in South Florida in Colorado for leading a counterfeit operation of up to 1,000 daily credit cards related to illegal marijuana cultivation, the Miami Herald reported.

José Cardentey Hernández was arrested last Friday in a house in Peyton, Colorado, which, according to the complaint by federal authorities, was used for the “cultivation of marijuana.”

Authorities say they had been monitoring Hernandez for more than a year, which led them to discover that he was allegedly running a “clandestine credit card manufacturing facility capable of producing up to 1,000 counterfeit credit cards on a daily basis.”

The court documents specify that, for example, on April 26, Hernández received an email with information on the credit cards of 891 people.

The investigation also led, according to the authorities, to discover that in recent months Hernandez spent more than $ 6,000 on “purchases of companies specializing in equipment for farming facilities, commonly used for the production of marijuana indoors.”

Last Friday, a group of agents searched the apartment of the Hispanic in South Florida, where they found a good number of false cards in his name, while other officers did the same in Colorado, where they arrested Hernandez in a house where he had equipment for the cultivation of marijuana.

In recent months, Colorado anti-drug agents have conducted several operations on illegal marijuana cultivation involving Cubans who resided in Florida and recently arrived in the state.

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