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YouTube celebrates Luis Fonsi and trusts the potential of Bad Bunny

YouTube held today in Las Vegas (Nevada) the overwhelming success of Luis Fonsi, the only artist capable of exceeding 4,000 million reproductions with a single video clip (“Despacito”), and placed his confidence in the potential of Puerto Rican Bad Bunny.

“The Latin public has been my springboard,” Fonsi confessed in a meeting with a small group of media, including Efe, at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, as part of events prior to the celebration of the Latin Grammy gala .

“This success is due to a team collaboration with very talented people, starting with Daddy Yankee, it’s amazing what happened in less than a year,” said the artist, who released the video of that tremendous success on the 13th of January.

“Music today is consumed differently than when I started, and video and streaming are essential for the public, which means instant satisfaction for the consumer, and with those media I have managed to reach where my music had never been before.” valued

“Despacito” is currently the most viewed video of the year in more than 50 countries, including Mexico, El Salvador and Spain.

“We have to celebrate our culture and our language, but I will not abandon my essence,” said the Puerto Rican, who promised to continue singing in Spanish.

During the event, YouTube representatives recalled that at the beginning of 2016 only five videos of Latin music had reached one billion viewings.

That figure has now amounted to 20 videos with more than one billion visits each, an increase of 300 percent.

In addition, they indicated that six of the ten most popular videos published on YouTube this year were by Latino artists (“Despacito”, “Mi gente”, “Feliz los 4”, “Ahora dice”, “El amante” and “Súbeme la radio” “).

“The massive success of Latin music on YouTube in 2017 speaks to the true global power and reach of the platform,” said Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s international music chief.

“Music is a common link that unites our users emotionally and culturally,” added Sandra Jiménez, YouTube executive for Latin America.

“YouTube has no borders and it’s exciting to see Latin music resonate not only with Latin users, but with fans from all over the world,” he said.

The platform does not stop and already has its sights set on another young talent, Puerto Rican trap singer Bad Bunny (Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio), with more than four million subscribers in the portal.

“What is happening to me is a sign that we are doing things well and the public is supporting us, social networks have been everything for me,” said the 23-year-old artist, who has topics such as “I am worse” or “You do not put goat.”

“I always think about the next thing and how to surprise people, I like to change and risk,” he said.

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