California killer killed his wife hours before shooting near school

The authorities informed today of the finding of the body of Kevin’s wife Janson Neal, who on Tuesday carried out a shooting in the vicinity of an elementary school located in northern California, in which four people were killed and another ten were injured.

With the corpse of Kevin Janson Neal’s wife, who was found under the floor of the couple’s house during the search of the home, there are already six people who died in the county of Tehama in the wake of the events that took place on Tuesday. , since the suspect also died after being shot by the police.

Although the reasons that led the 43-year-old man to open fire on his neighbors are still unclear, the assistant clerk of the county clerk, Phil Johnston, said that “probably” was the murder of his own wife what “detonated” the subsequent events.

The events took place in the Rancho Tehama reserve, located about 185 kilometers north of Sacramento, and the cause of the killing toured several places in the area without stopping shooting, choosing their victims at random.

The body of Neal’s wife, whose name has not been made public, was “in a hole dug in the ground” of the house and, according to the investigation, could have been killed on Monday.

“It is not clear what happened in the hours between, according to forensics, Neal killed his wife and began firing,” acknowledged Johnston, who ventured to say that, with the subsequent shooting, the killer could have wanted to cover the murder of your partner.

The authorities confirmed that Neal, who was wearing a military-style vest and was armed with two semi-automatic rifles during the event, was on bail, after being accused last January of having stabbed one of his neighbors.

This event in Northern California was unleashed less than ten days after a young white man killed 26 people in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and after 58 people died in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the 1st of October in the bloodiest shooting in the history of the United States.


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