The unemployment in September stable in the OECD, with falls in the US and the eurozone

Unemployment remained stable at 5.7% of the active population in the OECD as a whole in September, and this despite the declines observed in the two main blocks that make it up, the United States and the euro zone.

According to data released today by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in a statement, unemployment decreased by two tenths that month in the United States to 4.2% and one tenth in the eurozone to 8.9% .

Within the countries of the single currency, there were decreases of up to three tenths in Latvia (to 7.9%), of two tenths in Belgium (to 7.1%) and in Portugal (to 8.6%) and of one tenth in Spain (to 16.7%), while the three large states in the euro zone repeated the same figures as in August: France (9.7%), Germany (3.6%) and Italy (11.1%) %).

Greece returned to be the OECD country with the highest unemployment in relative terms (21% of the active population in July, the last available data), followed by Spain (16.7%), Turkey (11.3% in July, the last statistic published) and Italy (11.1%).

All the others had rates below 10%, with minimums in the Czech Republic (2.7%), Japan (2.8%), Iceland (2.9%), Mexico (3.3%) and Germany (3 , 6%).

In absolute terms, where there were more unemployed people within the 35 member states, it was in the United States (6,801,000), Spain (3,795,000), Italy (2,891,000), France (2,880,000), Japan (1,880,000). ), Mexico (1,815,000) and Germany (1,543,000).

Throughout the OECD, 35,656,000 unemployed persons were counted in September, which, despite the decline that has been observed in recent years, still means 3 million more than in April 2008, when the first effects of the financial crisis began to be felt. .


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