Manifestation in Manila against Trump’s next visit to the Philippines

More than a hundred protesters expressed in Manila with chants and banners their rejection of US President Donald Trump in the first of a series of protests against the president’s visit to the Philippines on Sunday.

Summoned by the local anti-system organization Bayan in front of the presidential palace of Malacañán, attendees sang chants against the leader of the White House and displayed banners with the slogan “Veto a Trump in the Philippines”.

The US president, currently in Seoul as part of a tour of East Asia, is scheduled to arrive in Manila on Sunday 12 to participate in meetings with leaders from around the world in the framework of the Summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the East Asia Summit.

The demonstrators also exhibited cartoons of the White House leader and even burned an American flag drawn on paper.

In a press release the conveners raised demands such as “the end of the US military intervention”, “the dismantling of military aid for the fascist state forces of the Philippines” and “an official US apology for the atrocities during the occupation of Philippines “between 1898 and 1946.

The demonstration of this day was the first of the series scheduled for the coming days against the presence of Trump in the country, former US colony, among which highlights a rally in front of the US embassy on Monday 13.

On the other hand, the illegal Communist Party of the Philippines released a statement today calling on the Filipinos to “get up” against Trump’s visit.


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