The Senate of P.Rico will hold an event to face mental health crisis

The Puerto Rican Senate will hold on December 5 the “Mental Health Summit”, in which topics such as anxiety, stress, depression, anguish, fear and uncertainty will be discussed at a time when the island is facing one of the most difficult moments after Hurricane Maria.

As explained in a press release today the organizer of the event, Senator Evelyn Vázquez Nieves, the event aims to help anyone to face a mental health crisis, in part due to the economic instability that the island and the alarming number of suicides -67- this year, so far.

“The issue of mental health is one that should concern all citizens equally, because, in one way or another, we all know someone who needs help immediately,” said the legislator, organizer of the event “Mental Health Since the Perspective of Women and the Family “, which will include workshops and presentations.

According to the president of the Senate Committee on Consumer Affairs and Public Services Essentials, economic problems are mainly responsible for many mental disorders and, therefore, suicidal ideas.

“There are many people who, fortunately, are looking for professional help to work with their respective situations and social stressors,” said Vázquez.
The event will feature speakers such as the Secretary of Health, Rafael Rodríguez; the administrator of the Administration of Mental Health and Against Addiction, Suzanne Roig; the secretary of Justice, Wanda Vázquez, and the first lady, Beatriz Rosselló.


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