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91-112. Thompson and Warriors emphasize losing crisis of the decimated Spurs

The shooting guard Klay Thompson claimed his status as a scorer and with 27 points he led the balanced attack of the Golden State Warriors that were imposed at home by 92-112 to the decimated San Antonio Spurs in a duel rematch of the final passes of the Conference West.

Along with Thompson, who scored five triples in eight attempts, forward Kevin Durant also had a positive role by contributing 24 points, with eight defensive rebounds and five assists, in what was the second consecutive victory.
Stellar base Stephen Curry with 21 points, eight rebounds, four assists and three ball recoveries was in charge of directing the attack of the Warriros, who did not have their best game in the first part, but in the second they came up with the inspiration encestadora of his “trio” and history changed completely for the current NBA champions.

While the Spurs, who lost the fourth consecutive game, something that did not happen to them in many years under the direction of coach Gregg Popovich, who returned to give the worst example in the protests to the referees, which in the end cost him the expulsion to lack of 4:47 minutes by the end of regulation time.

The Warriors have scored at least 10 3-pointers in each of the games they played in the new season and scored 14 of 28 attempts against the Spurs.

While Thompson has 63 consecutive games with at least one triple, the NBA’s biggest streak, and Durant has scored 20 or more points in at least nine of the 10 games he has played since the start of the 2017-18 season. .

The Spurs, without Kawhi Leonard and the French base Tony Parker, returned to be a mediocre team and without consistency, although the power forward LaMarcus Aldridge returned to be his best player with 24 points and 10 rebounds.

The forward Kyle Anderson who left the starter at the post of Leonard, who remains unknown when he can return to the team after suffering an injury to the right quadriceps, got 16 points.

While the Spanish center Pau Gasol continued as a starter, but he did as number five (center), and achieved 11 points and six rebounds – all defensive – in the 26 minutes he saw action.

Gasol scored 5 of 8 field goals, including a three-pointer of two attempts, and did not go to the personnel line, gave two assists, and lost a ball.

The Warriors did not get their first lead of the game until after the two initial minutes of the third period, but from that moment they took control of the scoreboard and the game, without allowing the Spurs to have an option to win.

The veteran Argentine guard Manu Ginóbili went to the track of the AT & T Center of San Antonio 19 minutes contributed six points for the Spurs.

Ginobili scored 2 of 6 field goals, including a triple of two attempts, and hit 1 of 2 from the personnel line, in addition to capturing two rebounds, both defensive, and lost three balls.

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