The shipments of the iPhone X will be extended until December in some countries

The shipments of the iPhone X, Apple’s new smartphone that began to be reserved online today, will last until December in some countries due to high demand and the difficulties involved in its manufacture, specialized media reported today.

The firm headed by Tim Cook enabled the orders in advance of the iPhone X in 55 countries this dawn, and in some markets the mobile sold out in a matter of minutes. The estimated shipping periods in the US, China and Japan can be extended between five and six weeks, according to The Wall Street Journal.

However, on November 3 the physical stores of Apple will have available a limited number of phones for sale and the firm, which described the pre-sale started this Friday as “out of series”, recommends “arrive soon” on its website .

In the cases of previous models, such as 7, 7 Plus, 6 or 6 Plus, waiting times until the phone came to the hands of its new owner were smaller, between one and four weeks, the newspaper said. .

In contrast, the launch of the iPhone 8, just over a month ago, had a weak reception compared to those editions, which generated great expectation and rows of Apple fans willing to wait for hours to get the phones.

Some potential buyers decided to wait until November, knowing that Apple would launch the tenth edition of its flagship product, an iPhone that expands the touch screen, suppresses the traditional start button and has face recognition.

With a sales price of $ 999, the iPhone X (ten in Roman numerals) is Apple’s most expensive smartphone to date and has a limited edition, partly because of its complicated manufacturing.

This summer, Apple experienced delays in the production of the new phone due to the specific needs of parts and functions, such as the OLED screen and facial and finger recognition.

The demand for the iPhone X has sharpened the ingenuity of some buyers, who shortly after the beginning of the booking period already offered on the eBay portal sales confirmations for early shipments, in November, at a price higher than that established by Apple.


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