Curry scores triple key and Warriors get victory

Starbase star Stephen Curry scored 30 points, including a triple with 31 seconds left in regulation time and the Golden State Warriors beat the Toronto Raptors 117-112.

With their win, the Warriors (3-2) avoided a 0-2 start of the season in their field, where they have now shared a win and a loss.

Curry, who played for 38 minutes, received Kevin Durant’s passing to score the triple key that defined the Warriors’ win.

Durant, who also scored the triple that tied the game with 1:02 minutes left, finished with 29 goals and finished as the second highest scorer of the current champions.

Guard Klay Thompson also excelled in the offensive game by adding 22 points for the Warriors.

The Raptors (2-2) were led again by guard DeMar DeRozan with 24 points, while Cameroon forward Pascal Siakam scored 20 and Spanish Congolese forward Serge Ibaka scored 15 points.

Ibaka played 28 minutes, scored 5 of 12 field shots, including 1 of 6 3-pointers, 4-of-4 from the lineup, got four rebounds and put two caps.


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