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“Lady Steel” Series Will Include Illegal Migration to US in his new season

The Mexican series “Señora Acero, la Coyote” will include the situation of undocumented migrants crossing the US-Mexico border in its fourth season, which will be released on November 6 by Telemundo.

The series will show the reality that “lives daily among Hispanics” as “a way of responding to the political and social tension we live,” revealed the Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino, who portrays the character of Indira Cárdenas, head of the office of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service of El Paso, Texas (USA).

Although “sadly they are part of our social reality,” the actress believes that part of the success that has “Lady Steel, the Coyote” is the treatment of situations that “expose Latinos when they pass illegally.”

American actor Luis Ernesto Franco, who plays the border policeman Daniel Phillips, shares with Efe that in the series the undocumented are “characters that from chapter one to the last are fighting for their lives and fighting for a dream.”

Like the Venezuelan, Franco also thinks that tackling the immigration issue, in addition to drug trafficking, “has made ‘Señora Acero’ entertaining and of high quality.”

In the previous season, production was the second most watched show in the US. in its time of transmission.

Immigrants are looking for the Coyote, played by Mexican actress Carolina Miranda, for her reputation for protecting them with her life when they cross the border wall.

The actors Carolina Miranda (l), Luis Ernesto Franco (c) and Gaby Espino (r) pose today, Tuesday, October 17, 2017, during the promotion of the saga “Señora Acero, La Coyote” in Mexico City ). The series shows Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda) in their battle for a more humane treatment for undocumented immigrants and their struggle to achieve the American dream. EFE

The Mexican, who gives life to the so-called Lady Steel, tells Efe that the incorporation of new characters gives “a touch of freshness to the series,” adding that it was an honor “to be able to talk about migrants.”

Continuous shootings, confrontations and persecutions in the border area are the main protagonists of the series, which means that since the third season, the protagonists will carry training with weapons to carry out 95% of the scenes of risk.

“We can not let go of the character for a moment because then you are not giving the credibility to the story,” says Franco, who considers the theme of the series to be right.

In these new episodes, he noted, “the production of the series is higher and has been improving, highlighting the script, direction, production and performance,” and has configured a completely different visual language.

In addition, in this new season, adds the Mexican, “they will see the beginning of our history, they will really see a team, a true love” between Vicenta Acero and Daniel Phillips.

On the other hand, Espino emphasizes that within the high levels of hearing in the USA. there are many men: “Suddenly they did not see telenovelas and now they see these projects on issues of corruption, trafficking in white people and drug trafficking.”

The fourth season, based on an original story by Roberto Pareello and written by Indira Páez, continues the story of Vicenta Acero in its path dominated by men, while fighting for a more humane treatment for immigrants.

“Señora Acero, la Coyote” is an original Telemundo Studios production, made by Argos Televisión, and directed by Miguel Varoni and Felipe Aguilar.

The series is being filmed in border locations between Mexico and the United States. EFE

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